19 octobre 2005

For Mihaela

Guess what? I saw that ... like France, Serbia was already qualified for the soccer World Cup, so....congratulations! And of course, u know how I care about soccer? No? lol... So, don't laugh! I had just the feeling that it was an important new for a poor girl like you lost in Indiana! ;-)

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  • soccer

    Sorry i just finished with laughing...you and spoooort!!!!!!!
    this week i was in salt lake city-utah...a conference. it was not sooo bad, though city is trash 100% even if somebody will pay you one day to go there - refuse it...for drinking you have to become a member of each shitty bar!!
    also this site is cool!!!

    I see tha tyou became veeeery creative

    see you
    ciao ciao

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